Interview Preparation Course


Interactive Simulated Mock Interviews

The first of its kind, our innovative interactive mock interview simulations will allow students of any location to prepare for their medical interviews! Currently including 2 full panel interview mocks (30 minutes each), and 2 full MMI interview mocks (1.5hrs each, 8 stations), students will have no shortage of practice, with our interactive simulated videos emulating the interview experience as closely as possible. 

As part of our commitment to improving the accessibility of medical entry preparation resources, these interactive mock interviews are the forefront of our mission.

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Practice Questions

With more than a hundred interview practice questions at your disposal, covering a wide range of question types, students should have no trouble preparing for their medical interviews. Combined with out interactive simulated mock interviews and live mock interviews, these practice questions make for an essential addition to your arsenal of preparation!

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Practise Questions

Personal-type Questions

Scenario-type Questions

Policy-type Questions

Tips, Tricks & Techniques

The unique tips, tricks and techniques you will learn through our interview preparation course will help you develop the skills that will improve your performance in the medical interviews. Curated by students who have excelled in the interviews, these strategies and suggested approaches will undoubtedly assist in your preparation!

Tips for the UCAT and Interview
Student wondering what a good ATAR is

Written Guides & Summaries

Our comprehensive and detailed written guides will enable students to study efficiently and pace their own preparation for the interviews, supplemented with video summaries and some interactive video tutorials. 

Intuitively-Designed Structure

As medical students who have been through the medical entry process, we have uniquely designed our interview course to suit the thinking process of future aspiring medical students. Created with this in mind, students will be able to navigate our course with ease!


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