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What is In2Med?

Founded by medical students for those aspiring to study medicine, we at In2Med do exactly as our name suggests – we help students realise their dream of getting into Medicine! From the ATAR to the UCAT, university applications to interviews, we’ve been through the undergraduate process and know how daunting it can be.

But rest assured, our intricately and innovatively designed courses are here to help you every step of the way. We’ve consulted many past high scorers and current medical students and are keen to share all of our tips and tricks – to give YOU the best chance of getting In2Med.

Why did we decide to create In2Med?

As former-aspiring and now current medical students, we realised there was a big hole in the market for student-driven resources. Having gone through the struggles, the ups and downs, and the incredible amount of hard work it takes to get into medicine, we know what you’re going through.

We know what it’s like to be you.

That’s what sets us apart. We are not people looking in and creating resources we THINK might help you, we are looking from the inside having been in your shoes, creating resources we KNOW will help you. As UCAT and Interview tutors in 2020 we realised we could help many more students by creating an official platform to share our unique strategies, tips and tricks.

How do we know our resources WILL help you? Because we’ve used them. Our students have used them. So we know they work.

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Let's Meet the Team!


Sahil Nandra

I’m a current Med student at Monash University. On the side, I love to play/watch cricket, footy and soccer and hang out with friends when I can! Having tutored over 250 hours for the UCAT/VCE for students this year, I hope to draw upon my experiences of the medical entry process and share what worked for me – and what didn’t – in my final years of high school. 

UCAT (2019): 99th Percentile
ATAR (2019): 99.95
Studying Medicine: Monash University


Raman Sanjayan

I’m also a Med student at Monash University. When I’m not learning all the bones in my hand or the names of all the blood vessels in the foot, I like to draw, design, take my dog for walks and volunteer as a student mentor and tutor. Having been through the thick and thin of medical school entry and tutored over 120 hours for UCAT students, I hope that the intuitively-designed and student-friendly courses can have a meaningful impact on students who share the same dream as us at In2Med. 

UCAT (2019): 97th Percentile
ATAR (2019): 99.80
Studying Medicine: Monash University

What sets In2Med apart?

Created by Medical Students

Unique Strategies from Top Scorers

Interactive Video Content Delivery

Online UCAT Question Bank (Platform)